Talk with - and listen to, of course ;) - the community members. They ARE the community so understanding them and want they need/want is so important for building a strong and thriving community.

Kelli SmithKelli Smith

Kelli Smith

Partner Success Manager
Tech Ladies


My education is in international business, and I've worked in customer success and admin for logistics, education, and, for the past 9 years, tech, with a focus on supporting women in getting the great careers they deserve.

At Tech Ladies, I support our partner companies, from getting started with us to hiring lots of terrific Tech Ladies candidates for their roles.

A fun fact about me is that, while I grew up in the U.S., I've lived in Finland for almost 27 years. (Came for work and never wanted to leave!)

Besides my work, I'm most passionate about my dance hobby. I practice every day and, whenever possible, travel to dance events all around Europe.

Community is key for me. It's been so wonderful to get to meet - and, in my career, also get to work with and/or help! - so many amazing people from around the world. And it's all thanks to the communities I've gotten to be a part of. Can't and wouldn't want to imagine life without them!

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customer success, career support, admin

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Carly TaylorCarly Taylor

Carly Taylor

Head of Sales
Tech Ladies
Remote (mostly El Salvador)
Community Operations

Hi! My name is Carly and I'm the Head of Sales at Tech Ladies. I'll be helping the team build out our sales process while creating content and helping women take over the tech industry 😃.

I found Tech Ladies through another online community I was part of so communities are near and dear. I'm passionate about bringing people together while also pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and saying 'yes' to most experiences. When I'm not working you can find me surfing, scuba diving, planning my next trip, or looking at pictures of my dog 🐶.