We build communities.

Sylva is on a mission to create a sense of belonging online by operating and nurturing niche online communities. We partner with independent community leaders by acquiring their communities and helping them grow to their full potential.

Together we’re building growing, thriving places where members feel at home.


Why Sylva?

You want your community to reach its maximum potential, but you could use some help.

You’re craving stability, a return on your investment, and a partner to help you grow.

Scaling a community is hard - at Sylva you won’t have to do it alone.


Fast, fair, straightforward?
That's us.

What does acquiring a community look like?


You’ll submit basic information about your community and we’ll determine if there’s a fit.


We'll have an initial conversation (or two) to better understand your community, your goals, and your ideal level of involvement going forward. Along the way, we may ask to join your community or get some more specific data.


We’ll make you an offer that’s fast, fair, and tailored to you.


We help your community reach its maximum potential.


A powerful platform to help with every aspect of leading your community.

Product & Technology

We’ll help you build new features and optimize the ones you have, all with the goal of increasing the value of your community to your members.


We’ll provide you with our growth tools, a team to help scale your content production, paid acquisition expertise, and proven community growth frameworks. We’re ready to invest in your community’s growth.


We handle all the boring back office stuff - finance, accounting, etc. - so that you can focus on leading your community.


At its core, Sylva is a community for community leaders. Joining us means being surrounded by peers and mentors, brainstormers and collaborators. When challenges arise, you’ll have a team at your back to help you deal with them.

Our communities

What people have to say.

Mark Johnson
Founder of Foodboro

"I was looking for a good home for my community and Sylva was the perfect fit. The acquisition process was straightforward and I know that my community is in good hands."

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Scott Amenta
Founder of Chief of Staff Network

"I had run Chief of Staff Network as a free community for a number of years, but with Sylva's help I was able to revamp our product and grow it into a thriving six-figure business growing 30% each month."

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Yaro Bagriy
CEO of Newsletter Crew

"Communities are so important and Sylva gets that. When I heard their vision for the community, I knew that they would take care of my members and my business."

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