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David NebinskiDavid Nebinski

David Nebinski

Community Operations Manager
Chief of Staff Network
BizOps Network
Brooklyn, NY


A cohort based course changed my life in 2018. The community within that course was magical and something I hadn't really experienced before. I want to try to create that kind of magic for members.

Fun fact: I don't know how to ride a bike

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Member experience, Slack engagement, Program design, Program execution/facilitation, speaker outreach, content creation, events

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Rahul DesaiRahul Desai

Rahul Desai

General Manager
BizOps Network
Chief of Staff Network
Durham NC

I started my career in strategy consulting and served clients like Uber and Google. After that I worked in BizOps and Chief of Staff roles at a couple insurtech startups. I was an early member of the BizOps Network! Most recently, I started an online business school called Upslope.

I'm excited to be the GM of Sylva's Ops Cluster, helping grow the BizOps and CoS Networks.

I'm passionate about helping operators improve their career prospects (see above about starting a business school). I also spend a lot of time with my boxer-greyhound puppy, Poppy, as well as my partner, Katherine.

I've been blessed with a very large extended family, which was my community growing up. Now, while Katherine gets her MBA, I find myself hanging out with lots of students, some of whom I try to convince to join our communities!

Fun fact: part of my jaw is made of cement. The story is TMI, but ask me about it if you want!

Vendor Selection, No Code Tools, Spreadsheet Modelling, Javascript / React, No Code Tools, Process Automation, Outsourcing

No member's question should go without a response from someone, whether another member or someone on staff.