Ask yourself, how does this outlive your role in the organization.

Christopher MabryChristopher Mabry

Christopher Mabry

General Manager
PreSales Collective
Valatie, NY (Upstate 2 hrs north NYC)


With 10 years of PreSales experience as an individual contributor and leader, I'm bringing this to my GM PSC role. I've long used the PSC community to build a deeper understanding of my role in our profession, to figure things out, and to feel connected. A fun fact - I was once stranded at sea.

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Solutions Engineering, Leadership, Business Development, Sales,

Contribution to Evergreen

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Nina BergerNina Berger

Nina Berger

Career Services Manager
PreSales Collective
North Bethesda, MD
Community Operations

Current Career Services Manager with PreSales Academy. I lead in our admissions and placement process to help our students launch their careers in PreSales.

With an background in higher education administration and roles that have given me the opportunity to craft curriculum, programs, and trainings centered on learning - I see myself as a creative team player driven by collaboration, strategic thinking, and effective communication. I love to dive into research and literature to create programs that utilize best practices and are data driven.

What motivates me? Projects/initiatives where I can sink my teeth in and bring ideas to the next level. Teams that challenge me to do better. People who celebrate the highs and support others in the lows. Most of all, the opportunity to learn and grow no matter where I am in my life.

Admissions, Strategic Planning, Curriculum, Communication, Organizational Leadership, Teamwork, Career Services, Advising

Create space for people to be heard and valued by others.

Courtney FlickwirCourtney Flickwir

Courtney Flickwir

Member Experience Manager
PreSales Collective
San Diego, Ca
Community Operations

I was the community and events manager for a personal development company for about 7 years, and through that role, I grew to appreciate the importance of the entire, overarching member experience.

Community and events are just one piece of the bigger picture and I loved seeing how all the pieces fit together to bring a holistic experience.

I truly love understanding what drives motivation and engagement with a company and a community so that we can provide something of value to members and something that lasts.

Being the Member Experience Manager allows me to be involved with every touchpoint we have with our members. I get to take their feedback and thoughts and turn it into something that makes our community feel valued and heard. Essentially, I get to build the support system people need to be their best selves.

Fun Fact: I organized a small intimate dinner with Larry King for an event and he made me sit down at the table next to him instead of being the one working the event. He was a super nice man with amazing stories!

Listen - Don't give members what YOU think they need. Talk with them, ask them what they value and how you can better support them and give them that.

Dasha ZumwaltDasha Zumwalt

Dasha Zumwalt

Community Event Operations Coordinator
PreSales Collective
Community Operations

I've been working in events for the past 10 years. My passions include dance, reading, and staying updated on current tech trends. I have a masters in Global Communications and am working on my MBA currently. I'm part of the Peloton community, feel free to add me @dasha_kae.

Fun fact: I danced in the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver!

Winny DelcinWinny Delcin

Winny Delcin

Training Program Manager
PreSales Collective
Community Operations