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Chintan SavaliyaChintan Savaliya

Chintan Savaliya

Product Manager
Product & Engineering
Surat, India


Chintan is a designer and developer who just loves building stuff using nocode tools. He's passionate about crafting beautiful and functional interfaces that people truly loves.

Prior to Sylva he was working independently by helping businesses build their online presence and grow organically. In his college days he founded two startups in autonomous drones and traffic optimisation fields.

He loves playing football and table tennis in his free time (sometimes video games too ;).

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Member experiences, Web design, No Code Tools, Creating & Automizing Processes

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Scott AmentaScott Amenta

Scott Amenta

Co-Founder & Head of Product
Product & Engineering
Berlin, Germany

I've worked in the early stages of technology startups in NY, London and Berlin focused on biz dev, operations, product and strategy. Prior to moving to Berlin in 2019, I served as the Chief of Staff at Spring, a fashion & beauty marketplace where I led projects across product strategy, fundraising (raising over $100mm in 4 rounds of financing), investor & board management, corp dev, finance, and operations.

Before co-founding Sylva with Tom and Emily, I started the Chief of Staff Network in 2016 - a private community of Chiefs of Staff from hundreds of VC-backed tech and media companies*. Pretty much every career move and most big learning opportunities in the past 5 years have spawned from or been supported by this community.

*Fun fact, this is how Tom and I first connected!

I'm currently leading Sylva's product strategy and engineering team, supporting initiatives across Sylva's roadmap addressing community operations, member experience, revenue generation, platform migrations/integrations and the data that links all of these things together.

I'm passionate about all things outdoors - rock climbing, hiking, kayaking. Europe has been a fun playground of mountains, rivers, fjords and forests to explore :)

Community management, product development, strategy & operations, "chief of staffing".

Don't lose sight of your member's journey through the community!

Dani MermelsteinDani Mermelstein

Dani Mermelstein

Data Lead
Product & Engineering
New York City

Hi there! I have ~10 years experience working in Data/Analytics, most recently in the fintech field. Super excited to be heading up Data here at Sylva!

Fun fact: I go canoeing on the Hudson, which I will talk about nonstop if you let me (don't let me).

My extended family (community?) is important to me because life and reality are shared experiences. Those experiences can guide you to do better for yourself and those around you.

Data Engineering, Data Analytics/Science, scripting automations, rowing