Mamie PesantMamie Pesant

Mamie Pesant

Talent Acquisition Lead
New York


Based in Brooklyn, NY and originally from Miami, FL. Leading Talent Acquisition here at Sylva. I am Cuban-American, I enjoy reading, and have to pet every dog I see.

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Melissa MadsenMelissa Madsen

Melissa Madsen

Head of People

Grant PuzaGrant Puza

Grant Puza

People Operations Lead
Missoula, Montana

I got my start in People/HR by creating an HR function in a growing craft brewery about 8 years ago. I then pivoted into tech and held roles where I was able to partner with various business units, providing strategic people-centric guidance and building out various People/HR programs. I'm currently the People Ops Lead at Sylva, running the gamut on all things People.

Living in Montana, I spend most of my time partaking in some form of outdoor recreation (snowboarding, mountain biking, backpacking etc). But I also love traveling and getting out of Montana, so you may see some variance in my Zoom background from time to time as well.

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Kim EbeltKim Ebelt

Kim Ebelt

Recruiting Coordinator & Sourcer
Springfield, Vermont

I'm currently supporting all things interview scheduling and finding great talent for Sylva! I'm passionate about candidate experience and ensuring that we're translating why Sylva is the best place to work.

Sourcing, Coordinating