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Esmé Ara'resaEsmé Ara'resa

Esmé Ara'resa

Community Operations Manager
Newsletter Crew
London, UK


Ops and Content are my lifeblood at Propel and Newsletter Crew. Prior to Sylva, community was always embedded into my work as a three-time founder of small fashion/ wellness/ education businesses and a fash-tech startup. I'm excited to share and collaborate wherever my past experiences and current learnings can help fellow Sylvans in their work.

Fun fact: I know 8 languages. (I only use 4 day to day).

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Ahrif SarumiAhrif Sarumi

Ahrif Sarumi

Community Manager
Houston, TX
Community Operations

Hi everyone, I’m Ahrif, a Community Manager at Propel. I joined to enhance Propel's member experience through event programming, fostering meaningful connections, and creating content from our collective insights. What excites me most about joining Propel is that I get to take my local IRL experience and scale it across multiple cities, as well as virtually through our online events.

Prior to joining Propel, I co-founded two communities. The more recent one was focused on bringing together local food enthusiasts with public/private events, as well as working with brands to tap into our highly-engaged group.

Fun fact: I finished the Chicago Marathon and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane in the same year to cross them off his bucket list

IRL events and experiential marketing.

Communities thrive when members are getting more value from one another than the leaders(s) of the community.

Mariel RošićMariel Rošić

Mariel Rošić

Community Growth Manager
San Francisco
Community Operations

Focused on growing and supporting the Propel community! Outside of work, I make art, design immersive experiences, and read about the history of religion, meaning-making, and belonging.

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