Build with your community members, not just for them. Tap them to get feedback, learn their needs, ask for referrals, and more. They'll feel like they're part of building something really special.

Emily PikEmily Pik

Emily Pik

Co-Founder & Community Operations
Community Operations
Los Angeles


Emily's a co-founder of Sylva and Propel. She currently heads up programming and knowledge sharing for all community employees at Sylva. Prior to that, she led Propel for 2 years. She's also a career coach and proponent of prioritizing personal and professional growth (through community and otherwise!).

Prior to Sylva, she was building teams at Capsule, a Series D health tech startup, where she joined as an early growth hire and helped build out the Account Management and Partnerships teams. In her last year there, she was a Director and Chief of Staff on the People team. Previously, she worked for the expert network Third Bridge as their VP of Operations.

She went to the University of Virginia and was captain of the D1 Women's Rowing team there.

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